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Our Leadership

Andrea Rasmussen is a seasoned executive consultant with a passion for helping Fortune 500 and PE/ PortCo’s solve their toughest problems and realize their full potential. With an enthusiasm for change and a knack for asking the right questions at the right time, Andrea leads companies through business transformations utilizing her deep growth strategy expertise, data-driven mindset, and practical, but ambitious implementation goals, to drive top and bottom line goals.  

With fifteen years of strategic management consulting experience under her belt, Andrea has honed a broad array of skills including leading organic and inorganic growth strategies, evolving marketing, sales and go-to-market capabilities, driving customer-centric innovation and structuring the operating model, org design and culture to complement evolving change.  She pivoted her capabilities several years ago to include greater focus on technology and data innovation, giving her clients an edge when it comes to embracing breakthrough technologies or capabilities such as Test & Learn, predictive modeling and machine learning. 

In today’s ever-changing landscape, she works with clients across all sectors to identify digital transformation opportunities and solutions to outpace their competition.  Her ability to combine a strategic lens with data and technology expertise makes her an invaluable source of guidance for any organization that wants measurable, impactful results.